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Online Marketing

An increasing number of consumers use the internet as their first source of information when choosing holiday destinations and when planning their travel itineraries.  Being online and bookable vastly expands the promotional reach of local tourism businesses, which otherwise would not have exposure to international markets through traditional marketing channels.

Online marketing also provides a cost-effective and accountable approach to promoting your offering to incoming visitors.

Details about online marketing and booking channels available below:

Tourism NI’s Consumer Website

Local tourism providers can use Tourism NI’s consumer website to promote their offering.  In 2015* the consumer website received over 3.7 million visits from tourists seeking information on events, attractions, accommodation and things to see and do in Northern Ireland. 
For more information on promoting your tourism business on please download and read our Contributor Agreement (for events please download the Events Contributor Agreement)
If your offering (eg attraction, certified tourist accommodation premises or event etc meets the criteria please contact a member of the Visitor Information team at or telephone 028 90441 551.
Once your tourism business is included on Tourism NI’s consumer website it will be automatically included on Tourism Ireland’s consumer website within 48-hours.
*(Figures based on period Jan - Dec 2015)

Social and Digital Opportunities

Tourism NI has a significant digital marketing presence across the following channels

  • Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ – Discover Northern Ireland
  • Twitter - @DiscoverNI
  • Email Marketing Database
  • Blogs & partner sites
  • Competition platforms

We encourage you to share your information with us to be published on / social media channels

  • Join in the conversation from your social media accounts - #discoverni
  • Chat / engage from your account
  • Supply content  - copy, videos, photos for:
    • Social media posts to our social media audience of 200,000+
    • Blogs
    • Competition prizes for cross channel digital campaigns
    • Offers & updates
    • Inclusion in email marketing content
    • Various marketing opportunities through our digital content partners

To find out more about how you can get involved contact:

Online Marketing Toolkits

Tourism NI's Guide to Being Online


Facebook Page Management


Twitter Page Management

SEO Basics for Starters

Google Analytics Basics


Online Booking Channels for Tourist Accommodation Providers

Many tourist accommodation providers in Northern Ireland have expanded their marketing channels in the last two years to become online and bookable.  If you are a tourist accommodation provider the benefits for using an online booking channel can include:
  • Help manage your bookings - Reputable booking channel partners can provide easy-to-use online booking systems that also offer property management and reservation system options. This can remove the need for you to manually update multiple sales and distribution channels when a room is sold.
  • Information at anytime - Customers can check availability, rates and special offers instantly at any time.
  • Secure instant payments - Upon booking, customer payments (or deposits) can be made securely into your bank account and the booking is added automatically to your diary or reservation system (if applicable).
  • Open your business up internationally - Booking systems allow customers to either book direct on your website (if you have one) or via the booking channel’s partner distribution websites. This opportunity provides a massive increase in your exposure to international visitors and your ability to attract direct sales from visitors who would have otherwise never visited your website.
  • Website creation options - If you don’t have a website, booking system providers often offer site creation tools and templates to help get your business online.  Some also offer website hosting services at an additional cost.
  • Reservation management - Being online and bookable can help you increase your occupancy rates and yield as you can manage bookings easier, have a greater marketing reach and you have the ability to offer seasonal prices and promotions to your customer quicker.
  • Guest review management - Some booking systems provide the ability to collect and display guest reviews on your website and on your various booking pages across distribution websites.  Displaying positive guest reviews and responding publically to less favourable reviews can actually help increase online bookings. Reviews can also be a valuable tool in improving the quality of your product and services.
  • Training & support – booking system providers offer customer support as part of their packages, but also can provide practical advice and training on online marketing to help grow bookings and profits.

Superfast Broadband

Tourism NI in conjunction with Superfast Broadband NI have developed a 'Simple Guide to Smart Tourism' designed to help tourism businesses make the most of the internet.

The guide explains how you can become a smart tourism business by getting online and making the most of the internet.  Download a copy of the guide here.

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