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The North Vancouver Island Wildlife Viewing Network is a pilot project whose focus is to identify and promote publicly accessible, low impact eco-tourism opportunities. The Network will profile the region's key wildlife viewing areas and attract and inform potential visitors.

This project builds on and enhances initial efforts by the Ministry of Environment; BC Hydro; and The Nature Trust of British Columbia. Wildlife viewing towers have already been constructed through financial support by BC Hydro and through the guidance of the Vancouver Island Wetlands Management Program.

Salmon River Estuary
Salmon River Estuary
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The purpose of establishing and promoting a wildlife viewing network in the Northern part of Vancouver Island is to provide an attraction to local and visiting nature and eco-tourism enthusiasts and to raise awarenwss of conservation initiatives.

Projects have been completed or are underway on Wildlife Reserves and Wildlife Management Areas near the communities of Sayward, Zeballos, Port McNeill and Port Hardy. Specifically these properties comprise the estuaries of the Salmon River, Sayward; Zeballos River, Zeballos; the Cluxewe Salt Marsh and Estuary; and the Quatse River Estuary in Hardy Bay, Port Hardy. These viewing opportunities are the "core" of a more extensive set of opportunities that are available on the North Island.

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