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The Cluxewe is actually a cluster of sites located about 9 kilometres from Port McNeill. Easiest to access is a spit or finger of land which divides the estuary from the sea. This is located at the Cluxewe Resort campground, 1 km from the highway. Along the spit, near the river mouth, a path leads to an open area with good views of both the estuary and the sea. (Note: there is at present no viewing platform at the Cluxewe.) Cluxewe Estuary - aerial view
Aerial View of Cluxewe Estuary
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The Kwakiutl First Nation, who owns the Resort, allows visitors to walk through as long as they check in first at the office and do nothing to disturb the environment.

Two other undeveloped viewing sites are located in the Cluxewe area - one in the marsh, accessible by trail from the Rupert Main logging road; the other known as "Bullock's Beach," accessible by trail from a nearby spur. A map with directions to these areas is available at the Cluxewe Resort office.

The majestic bald eagle can be seen all year, and at least two nest sites are found in the Cluxewe area. Great blue herons and kingfishers are also year round residents. Best viewing of waterfowl, including trumpeter swans, is late fall and winter. Many sea-based birds can also be viewed from the Cluxewe spit.

Black bears, black-tailed deer, river otters, mink, and bats are common and occasionally wolves are seen. Cougars are in the area but rarely visible. Marine mammals, including orca, are sometimes viewed from the beach.

Pink and coho salmon spawn August-October, massing and leaping along the shore before entering the Cluxewe River.

Local Naturalist Lawrence Woodall offers wildlife, flora and fauna, and historical tours. Contact Vancover Island Destinations

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