Grow your sales with the Tourism Exchange

Bringing visitors back, rebuilding our offering and driving sales for Northern Ireland’s tourism businesses has never been more important. Tourism NI has partnered with TXGB to give businesses better access to online sales channels, so you can promote your offering cost-effectively and drive more direct bookings.

Our partnership means you can work with us to move visitors from “look” to “book” on destination websites like, to drive sales and be part of our marketing activity for Northern Ireland.


What is TXGB?

TXGB is a central marketplace that connects tourism businesses to a varied selection of domestic and international distributors. It offers you the opportunity to diversify your distribution and gives distributors the ability to access a wide range of bookable tourism products, to include in their programmes.

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How do I diversify my distribution?

You, as a tourism business, can choose from a selection of domestic and international distribution channels, all in one place. These range from niche operators to OTA’s - and of course, destination sites like You can even make your own website bookable, if it isn’t already.

Why should I sign-up? 

Tourism businesses

  • It’s free to join – no monthly fee or contract - simply pay the commission of your chosen distributors (zero rate on our visitor website, plus a 2.5 percent TXGB booking fee
  • TXGB enables you to share live availability, pricing and bookings easily on one central exchange
  • Diversify your distribution, reach new customers and grow your sales
  • Sell your product via destination websites, niche distributors and larger OTAs – domestically and internationally
  • We’ll be adding a date search for ‘places to stay’ listings on our visitor website – this is how you appear in the search results
  • Attractions, experiences and tours can add a ‘Book Tickets’ widget to their website listing on our visitor site
  • Opportunity to be included in smarter regional and national marketing campaigns focused on conversion
  • You’ll receive direct payments, meaning:
    • paid upfront at point of booking
    • use your own booking terms and conditions
    • receive all booking data (rather than masked/redacted data, like with many OTAs), making it easier to communicate with your customers
  • Get bookable for free on your own website and social media channels if you’re not already
  • It’s simple to sign-up via your existing booking system – or, if you don’t have an online booking system, via the free manual loading system, TXLoad


  • Tap into a wide range of bookable tourism products from across Northern Ireland, all in one place, without having to grow your acquisition team and build new API’s
  • Streamline your product development and save time and resources contracting products which are hard to find, previously unreachable or new to market
  • Share live availability, pricing and content quickly and easily


  • Convert interest into sales by digitally enabling your local tourism products and marketing campaigns
  • Improve the customer journey, making it easier to go from look to book, all within your destination website
  • Support the local visitor economy and regional partners by helping them to become bookable on their own website for the first time and work with a wide range of distribution channels.
  • DMO’s benefit from live availability, campaign tools and unique analytical data

Booking systems / Technology partners

  • Booking systems can access a wide range of distribution channels and further tools to expand their business
  • Accelerate your product roadmap at no cost, enabling your users to target new markets and increase their reach
  • Connect for free, excluding API development costs.

What does it cost?

Nothing! It’s free for any tourism business in Northern Ireland to sign-up to TXGB and there’s zero commission for any bookings made via our visitor website, You’ll only pay a 2.5 percent booking fee to TXGB alongside standard merchant gateway fees with Stripe.

How does this help local tourism recover?

Since businesses started to reopen, we’ve been working hard to encourage visitors back to Northern Ireland by driving traffic to through our own marketing campaigns. We’ve made it easy to ‘know before you go’ by providing the latest visitor information on our channels, enabling visitors to simply ‘look, then book’. By offering online availability on, you’re front and centre stage of our recovery campaign activity.

Further information can be found at

TXGB has been operating in England since 2019…

Cleeve Hill Hotel

Being able to connect to my local destination websites through TXGB has been a really positive step for the hotel. Anything I can do to help automate all the 'back of house' procedures to ensure we remain competitive online is a real bonus.

Lindsey Holland

Cotswold Tours and Travel

TXGB's online bookability is a fantastic way to reach consumers directly. We’re pleased to work closely with our local destination experts to promote our business and most importantly, the local area, via this interactive platform.

Eddie Dale

Where can I find out more?

Do you have an online booking system ?

If you missed our webinar you can view it here: