Tourism NI Industry Careers Campaign

A new campaign to address the current staffing crisis has been launched to support your business in recruiting talent and to inspire people to consider a career in the industry.

Led by Tourism NI and the Hospitality and Tourism Skills (HATS) network, and supported by industry partners, the campaign will play a critical role in supporting the recovery of our industry by attracting new talent, challenging perceptions of the industry, and promoting the exciting and diverse opportunities the industry has to offer, helping to support recruitment and drive retention.

About the campaign

The aim of this campaign is to draw attention to the opportunities currently available in NI’s hospitality & tourism industry. We want to do this in a quirky and fun way so that the campaign will get as much notice as possible.

The basic idea is that it doesn’t matter if you can’t explain what you do very well – just so long as you can actually do it! By explaining a familiar job in an unfamiliar way, we will attract attention to the message that appears in every execution:

‘Discover amazing opportunities in NI’s hospitality & tourism industry. Explain them any way you want.’

How to support social media campaign

Social media will be used in this campaign to publicise the availability of particular roles, e.g chef, and to encourage applications for these roles.

The visual assets from the campaign can be used to post on your own channels.

Appropriately light-hearted descriptions of the job in question (eg housekeeper: ‘clean up on great career opportunities...’) can be used to communicate positive aspects of the role in question– and to signpost prospective applicants in the right direction: to roles, to another recruitment website or to a particular employer’s website.

Social Media Post Examples:

How can you get involved?

Employers have a key role to play in showcasing the opportunities they have available to jobseekers and this campaign provides a platform for you to do just that. 

We’re asking businesses to list their vacancies, whether part-time or full-time, at all levels.  Posting is available for FREE on the CareerScope campaign jobs portal, and employers are invited to register for an account here:

Job seekers targeted by the campaign will be signposted to the opportunities you post.

We’re also asking recruiting employers to sign up to implementing the Hospitality & Tourism Commitment in their business to demonstrate that the industry is offering quality job experiences. You will be able to make this commitment when you register for your account.

Don’t miss the opportunity to get involved by listing your vacancies now..