Tourism NI Autumn Marketing Campaign 2023

Our Autumn Marketing Campaign will drive consumer demand for you by encouraging visitors to Embrace a Giant Spirit in Northern Ireland. To explore what’s on offer, plan a quick getaway, try something new and enjoy memorable experiences.

Recent research from Visit Britain shows that for a significant number of people, the convenience and lower cost of a staycation is attractive compared to travel delays and the cost of travelling abroad.

The Autumn Marketing Campaign will support you by driving short breaks and inspire visitors to see, do and spend more in Northern Ireland this Autumn.

It will build knowledge of what Northern Ireland has to offer and deliver clear and compelling reasons to visit for the priority segments.

The Campaign launches in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland on 2nd October 2023 and runs until 12th November 2023.

Industry Toolkit 

This Toolkit will give you all the assets you need to leverage the campaign and help attract more visitors. By using the resources in this toolkit, you can be part of the cross-platform marketing campaign which will reach over 3.7 million adults across Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

In the toolkit, you’ll find out how to download campaign photography, video and social media assets to amplify the campaign on your own channels. You’ll also find some information about how to create and update impactful and bookable listings on the Discover Northern Ireland website as well as information about the importance of aligning under Northern Ireland - Embrace a Giant Spirit.



Meet the Segments & Marketing Channels 

We’re targeting the Natural Quality Seekers segment in Northern Ireland and the Open Minded Explorers and Indulgent Relaxers in the Republic of Ireland.

The campaign will include TV, Video On Demand, Radio, Press, Social & Digital, Email, PR, Influencer Generated Content and User Generated Content to encourage our segments to choose Northern Ireland this Autumn.


Social, Digital & PR

The Autumn Marketing Campaign will be underpinned by paid and organic activity across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter.

We are using Google Display Network (GDN) to drive traffic to the Discover Northern Ireland website. Search will target those in both markets who are actively interested in short breaks this Autumn.

Outside of the Autumn Campaign, we will also continue to target those priority segments in both markets that aren’t the focus of this 6 week burst of activity.

Our PR Teams in Belfast and Dublin will be delivering an expansive programme of activity that is closely aligned with our Autumn Marketing Campaign.

In addition, 'Always On' PR activity will continue in both markets and across all segments with weekly content and features across print, online and broadcast. Key areas of focus will include media FAM trips, Industry Profiling and activity that drives awareness of the Northern Ireland Experience Brand.

The Holiday World Consumer Show in Dublin takes place annually in January and will also be a focus in the New Year.

Have an interesting story or good news about your business? We want to hear about it! Can you host a Media FAM trip? Or offer competition prizes for placement in Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland? Send it to

Email Marketing

The campaign will be supported by a programme of email marketing activity targeting 30,000 newsletter subscribers in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

This activity will be aligned with our Weekly Destination Rotation with a different destination profiled each week during the campaign.

The contents of our newsletters will be aligned with the passions and interests of our segments and will include accommodation, attractions, experiences, offers and events.

We will link through to our campaign landing pages on the Discover Northern Ireland website and sometimes directly to industry partners’ websites so we can place bookable accommodation and experiences directly in front of visitors.

Influencer Marketing

We will be continuing to work with lifestyle and travel influencers and content creators from Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland to further broaden the reach of our campaign beyond our own channels and reach highly engaged audiences.

In particular, we will use influencers to help us reach the Indulgent Relaxer segment in the Republic of Ireland who are seeking luxury accommodation and who see short breaks as an important part of their lives.

Understanding the Destination Rotation

Our campaign will run for 6 weeks, with a different destination focus each week on some channels. If you’re planning promotional activity across your own marketing channels, use the Destination Rotation below to plan your activity and offers:

  • Derry/Londonderry - w/c 2nd October
  • Fermanagh & Tyrone - w/c 9th October
  • Causeway Coastal Route - w/c 16th October
  • Armagh & Down - w/c 23rd October
  • Mournes & Strangford - w/c 30th October
  • Belfast - w/c 7th November

Getting involved