Consumer Sentiment Analysis

Tourism NI’s Consumer Sentiment Analysis gives in depth analysis on consumer confidence, propensity to travel and consumer concerns.

At this time of uncertainty in the tourism and hospitality sector, Tourism NI’s consumer sentiment research provides an in-depth analysis on consumer confidence, propensity to travel and consumer concerns to help inform your business decisions.

Fieldwork for the latest wave was undertaken from 11th November to 1st December. It is important to note that while Covid cases were increasing in both markets at this time, media coverage relating to the Omicron variant did not emerge until the latter stages of the research.

The most recent findings indicate:

  • COVID-19 anxiety remained relatively stable in both markets despite a more pessimistic outlook regarding the likely continued impact of the pandemic.
  • Key motivations for taking a break in NI continue to centre around relaxation and the opportunity to escape and get away from it all.
  • Unease with indoor activities has increased, with consumers in both markets continuing to feel much more content engaging in outdoor activities.
  • Following a largely positive summer performance, results point to continued high levels of ROI and domestic visitor volumes since September 2021, with almost a quarter (24%) of NI consumers having taken a domestic break and 9% of ROI consumers visiting NI.
  • NI has continued to welcome high proportions of first time ROI visitors, with over half (55%) who visited since September 2021 enjoying their first NI holiday/short break.
  • The vast majority of NI domestic and ROI visitor expectations were met or exceeded with high levels of satisfaction across the visitor experience.

NI and ROI consumers’ travel intentions in the November wave suggested that a generally positive winter and spring period was looking likely for NI tourism, with the percentage of both ROI and NI consumers who were considering a trip to NI in the next 3-4 months increasing since the last wave.