TNI’s Industry Barometer Survey (Impact of Covid-19 and outlook for recovery)

TNI commissioned a survey with NI’s tourism industry focusing on the impact of Covid-19 and industry outlook, with particular focus on recovery, the importance of different markets and desired support. Fieldwork took place between 26th March and 23rd April 2021, with responses received from over 400 tourism businesses.

International Flags outside Ardglass Golf Club

Most tourism businesses re-opened during the summer period (July-Sep 2020) when restrictions were lifted, however the majority (over three-fifths) experienced declines in turnover compared with a typical summer period.

70% of surveyed businesses applied successfully for any type of financial support scheme in 2020. The ‘We’re Good to Go’ Scheme and TNI’s Covid-19 business support helpline and webinars/web support provided much needed help to large numbers of tourism businesses during this difficult time. 

Key actions that responding businesses have taken / may take to aid recovery include enhancing online presence, adapting the way they market and sell and altering the target markets/segments they focus on. 

The closer to home markets, especially the domestic market, are considered by survey respondents to be even more important post-Covid, with importance levels dropping (but still remaining high) in 2022 when international travel is expected to recover. 

Three-fifths expect their business to recover financially by the end of 2022, with employment levels anticipated to recover sooner than business finances.

The main types of support businesses would benefit from over the next year include financial, marketing and website development/design.

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