Tourism Performance Statistics

These figures include NI annual and quarterly tourism performance, tourism industry barometers, accommodation statistics, visitor experience and attitude surveys.

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NI Annual and Quarterly Tourism Performance

Summary reports published by Tourism NI

Annual and Quarterly Tourism Performance Statistics are published by the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency (NISRA) and the Central Statistics Office (CSO). Tourism Northern Ireland produces reports to provide an overview of these and other statistics, together with industry sentiment.

Jan-Sep 2019 tourism performance data released by NISRA for overnight trips taken by NI residents and GB and Other Overseas visitors in NI indicate:


Figures exclude overnight trips taken by ROI residents in NI.

3.6m overnight trips were taken in Northern Ireland (NI)  during Jan-Sep 2019 by NI residents and those from Great Britain (GB) and Other Overseas.  This is a record breaking number of trips for this time period, up by 5% on Jan-Sep 2018, with increases evident for all main markets. Most of the growth can be attributed to an increase in holidays; trips to visit friends/relatives also grew.

Nights remained static, with growth in NI and GB nights offset by declines in Other Overseas’ nights.

Visitors spent £712m, up by £56m (+9%) on Jan-Sep  2018.  While all markets spent more, the increase is largely due to the significant growth in GB spend (+18%). Some £2.6m was spent on average each day during the first nine months of 2019.

Holiday trips increased by 9% compared with Jan-Sep 2018, with a strong GB performance (+19%) and domestic holidays increasing by 7%.  Business trips declined, largely due to a fall in domestic business trips.

NISRA Jan-Sep 2019 hotel, guest house, guest accommodation and B&B statistics show unprecedented bed-space sales for this period (+7% on Jan-Sep 2018).  Growth in sales continued during the last quarter of 2019, albeit at a slower rate (+2% for bed-spaces sold in  Q4 2019 compared with Oct-Dec 2018).

Findings from TNI’s Dec 2019 Tourism Industry Barometer indicate a mixed performance in 2019, with some operators performing well and others seeing a decline in business.

*Figures relate to overnight  trips taken  by NI residents and GB and Other Overseas  visitors in NI.  Trips taken by ROI residents in NI are not included as the Central Statistics Office (CSO) has delayed publication of these figures. ROI trips accounted for 10% (380,000) of the total overnight trips taken in NI during  Jan-Sep 2018.