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YoF&D 'Dessert Course' is the icing on the cake

NI Year of Food and Drink

Posted by Tourism NI

Published February 9, 2017

The last of three Tourism NI (TNI) magazines profiling industry activity throughout the Year of Food and Drink has been published as part of the wrap up of the hugely successful initiative.

YoF&D 'Dessert Course' is the icing on the cake

The ‘Year of Food and Drink Dessert Course’ follows a ‘Starter Course’ published in May and a ‘Main Course’ in October and completes a ‘Full Course’ package of articles recognising industry activity. Produced by the TNI’s Industry Development Unit, the latest publication features September to December and includes ‘Bread and Baking’ month as well as the all-important ‘Legacy and Learn to....’

Designed to pay tribute to industry activity and shine a light on best practice in the sector, articles range from the creation of new events to the launch of innovative products. The Tourism NI initiative designed to place food and drink at the very heart of the visitor experience engaged and inspired throughout the year and the workings out of that inspiration are highlighted in the publications.

Tourism NI Industry Development manager Carolyn Boyd said that as well as toasting the success of the year, this edition also looked forward to building on the YoFaD legacy and the sterling work of all those who got involved.

“The many successes highlighted in these pages fit in, of course, to the overall vision of boosting Northern Ireland’s destination reputation, growing our ability to attract visitors and generate spend through increasing visitor satisfaction,” she said.

“By positioning our food and drink experiences at the heart of the tourism experience and growing demand for export sales, the YoF&D has not only put the place on a plate but led the way for the times to come.”

Posted by Tourism NI

Produced by Tourism NI