GB Market Review

Great Britain offers considerable potential for Northern Ireland tourism. This is outlined in the strategy for achieving tourism growth from Great Britain to the island of Ireland 2019 - 2025.

GB Tourists looking over Belfast landspace from

The strategy has been developed by Tourism Ireland, Tourism Northern Ireland and Fáilte Ireland, in close collaboration with a wide range of industry partners, at home and in GB.

In 2017 there were 1.6m holidaymakers from Great Britain to the island of Ireland, spending £468m. This represents 31% of all holidaymakers to the island of Ireland and 18% of all holidaymaker revenue.

  • 1.6m GB holiday makers to the island of Ireland
  • £468m is the total spend by GB holidaymakers across the island of Ireland
  • Almost 1/5 of all holidaymaker revenue comes from GB visitors
  • 42% GB holidaymakers visit between October and March

GB holidaymakers venture outside of the main cities and tourism hotspots, supporting regional growth and season extension by visiting lesser known locations and visiting throughout the year.

Who they are and how they behave on a trip to Ireland:

  • Culturally Curious and Social Energisers remain the best prospect segments – there are 4.5m Culturally Curious and 3.3m Social Energisers in GB.
  • Culturally Curious holidaymakers are interested in meeting the locals, exploring the place and broadening the mind.
  • Social Energisers are particularly interested in partying, meeting other tourists, experiencing adrenaline filled adventures and activities/places with a wow factor.
  • 92% of GB holidaymakers are independent travellers.
  • 65% of holidays take the form of a short break of up to 5 nights.
  • 66% travel with their partner or small adult group (1-3 people).
  • 53% to Northern Ireland are on a repeat trip.
  • 42% travel between October and March – they see the island of Ireland as a year-round destination and many are happy to travel at any time of the year

What GB holidaymakers want:

  • Easy – different, but not difficult
  • Soft adventure, including walking or boat trips
  • Urban and rural settings
  • World class quality
  • Unique experiences
  • Authenticity
  • Relaxing and welcoming vibe