Grow your sales with the Tourism Exchange

Bringing visitors back, rebuilding our offering and driving sales for Northern Ireland’s tourism businesses has never been more important. Tourism NI has partnered with TXGB to give businesses better access to online sales channels, so you can promote your offering cost-effectively and drive more direct bookings.

Our partnership means you can work with us to move visitors from “look” to “book” on destination websites like, to drive sales and be part of our marketing activity for Northern Ireland.


What is TXGB?

The Tourism Exchange, or TXGB, is a platform designed to help you access new routes to market and reduce commission costs. It does this by connecting tourism businesses with a range of local and international distributors.

Joining the Tourism Exchange is free and simple as the exchange connects to your existing booking technology. Don’t worry if you don’t yet have an online booking system, you can use TXGB’s free inventory loading tool to start selling online. 

The platform works on a pay as you go model – no bookings, no fees. A Booking Fee of 2.5% + VAT is payable to TXGB for bookings made through the platform.

Once signed-up, you get access to a range of distributors via the TXGB dashboard. Each distributor will have their own commission rates and you can choose to connect to as many or as few distributors as you like.

The Discover NI website, with over 3 million visitors a year, is connected to TXGB as a distributor and charges zero commission. This means if you’re listed on the Discover NI site you can make your product listing bookable by joining TXGB.

The only cost for bookings on Discover NI is the 2.5% TXGB fee plus a small Stripe fee for processing of the payment. What’s more, receive payment direct from the visitor at the time of booking.


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Letteran Lodges

TXGB has removed all the administration required for managing bookings allowing me to focus more on my business…. with additional management tools to allow me to manage all booking, date changes, booking confirmations. So not only is the system user friendly for the customer, but also user friendly for the owner.

Ryan Donnelly, Owner

How do I diversify my distribution?

You, as a tourism business, can choose from a selection of domestic and international distribution channels, all in one place. These range from niche operators to OTA’s - and of course, destination sites like You can even make your own website bookable, if it isn’t already.

Find out more about TXGB by watching this short video:

Why should I sign-up? 

  • Reach new customers by making your accommodation business or visitor experience bookable through the Discover Northern Ireland website.
  • Optimise Costs - Pay 0% commission for bookings on Discover NI. (2.5% + VAT Booking Fee payable to TXGB plus payment processing costs payable to Stripe. Total cost of booking is less than 5%).
  • Diversify your distribution – Get access to local and global distributors including OTAs and the Visit Britain Shop.
  • Free to join. No Bookings, No Fees. You will not pay anything until you generate a booking.
  • Data & Analytics - See how your business is performing in real time with top-line and in-depth sales analytics.
  • Quick & Convenient - A one-stop exchange where you manage your availability, distribution, commissions and prices across all booking websites.
  • There is no minimum contract period and a business can opt out at any time.

Further information can be found at

TXGB has been operating in England since 2019.

TXGB Case Study

Hear from Tracey Jeffrey, owner of Tracey's Farmhouse Kitchen about how she is using TXGB to grow her business and reach a wider audience.

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Tracey’s Farmhouse Kitchen

“Being connected to a wide range of international distributors via TXGB has enabled me to raise my profile considerably. I wouldn’t have the resources to promote my business to such a global audience otherwise and it’s definitely resulted in an increase in bookings.“

Tracey Jeffery, Owner


Where can I find out more?

Do you have an online booking system ?

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