25 Jan 2024

Leaner & Greener- NI’s Commitment to Climate change

During this session we take a look at NI’s Commitment to Climate Change and how to apply this within your business. 

Following from our previous Leaner & Greener series, we are delighted to introduce Phase 2 of our next wave of sustainability webinar sessions.

In this session we hear from Yosef Dvores, who takes a look at NI's Commitment to Climate Change, with advice on what steps you can take in each of these areas and potential benefits to your business.

Key areas covered in this session: 

  • Hospitality & Fossils Fuels Usage 
  • Renewable energy options and benefits
  • Circular Economy looking at Tourism and Waste
  • Pollution

About our speaker: 

This session was delivered by Yosef Dvores from the team at Veri Connect,  who is armed with a degree in Environmental Sciences and boasts over 8 years of hands-on ecological experience. 
Yosef has a background as an Environmental Field Specialist in New Zealand and has engaged in extensive public outreach, promoting and encouraging sustainability for healthy and natural ecosystems.

Veri Connect empowers companies and communities through their sustainability training programmes with ecologist led delivery.

View Webinar Here:

Supporting Resources:

You can access a copy of Yosef's full slide deck in the 'Supporting Documents' section of this page, alongside a downloadable toolkit, offering guidance on how your business can support NI's commitment to climate change.  

These webinars are being delivered as part of Tourism NI’s ongoing Tourism Enterprise Development (TED) programme.  For more details please visit tourismni.com/ted.