22 Apr 2021

People Seminar – Re-establish your identity

Tourism NI were delighted to be partnering with the NI Hotels Federation to deliver a number of virtual seminars in preparation for the reopening of the sector.

The ‘road to recovery’ will not be achieved without people. We have to remember those that will recover our business and that isn’t just our customers, it’s our staff. Without them we will not be able to deliver the services our customers are expecting. The issue is some of them may not have worked for almost a year, whilst others are experiencing - like many of us - lockdown fatigue; many are struggling and desperate to do anything, whilst there will be those who are struggling just to get off the sofa!

This 45 minute seminar took a look at re-establishing your identity.

This last year has created a real shift in focus for the business. The uncertainty meant that survival, rather than success, became a priority. As we reopen, we need to remember or recreate what is core to the business, what it stands for and what its values mean in its recovery. This session looked at:

Remind – Revisiting the values and ensuring they are fit for purpose and reminding our team and customer base what they are, to move the business forward. What do you do to make sure your values are lived and not just laminated?

Reshaping – Things will be different; this session looks at how the business will adapt to the new regulations, expectations and services and how the team will work in the new environment. What made the business special before may be different now, with new touch points and priorities. Therefore, it is important to make sure the team are engaged in delivering it. How are you ensuring the attention to detail you had before is being redirected in a new Covid-friendly environment?

Realistic – It is no longer possible to predict revenue streams and use past budgets to predict the future. Adaptability is now crucial, and the flexibility of the workforce is essential. There are no U turns just new paths. What strategies do you have for plan B or C?

This seminar was delivered by Tim Browne - an experienced trainer with an engaging mix of energy, enthusiasm and humour in his delivery to teams and audiences.

If you missed this session, or wish to watch it again, you can view arecording of the webinar below.