13 Jun 2023

Visual Merchandising Masterclass

This session focused on helping retailers to consider the impact they can make with strong visual merchandising in their bricks and mortar store.

The workshops explored:

  • Creating your own Retail Magic! - Optimising your brand’s presentation in both your bricks and mortar and online stores.
  • Top tips and Quick Wins! - Visual merchandising guidelines and creative inspiration
  • Now DIY - hands-on workshop to help you learn how to create visually impactful displays.

This workshop is part of the Belfast City Council's Retail Industry Bootcamp and is exclusively available to programme participants who are accessing 21 hours of free one to one mentoring.

If you reserve a spot in this workshop we will contact you to apply to become a participant in the mentoring programme and then confirm your place in the Bootcamp.

Available for businesses, social enterprises and co-operatives based in the Belfast City Council area with less than 50 full-time employees (or part-time equivalent).