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NI Annual and Quarterly Tourism Performance

Summary reports published by Tourism NI

Annual and Quarterly Tourism Performance Statistics are published by the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency (NISRA) and the Central Statistics Office (CSO). Tourism Northern Ireland produces reports to provide an overview of these and other statistics, together with industry sentiment.

Jan-Dec 2022 tourism performance data released by CSO relating to overnight trips taken by ROI residents in NI indicate:

  • ROI market performance during 2022 was extremely positive, delivering record levels of trips, nights and spend.
  • ROI residents took over 1.1m overnight trips in NI, eclipsing the one million figure for the first time.
  • ROI to NI trips, nights and spend during 2022 have seen increases of 51%, 42%, and 65% respectively, compared to 2019.
  • ROI holiday visitors to NI increased by over half in 2022 vs 2019.
  • Performance was particularly strong in Q1 2022, where significant growth was evident across all KPIs. We continued to see increases in ROI residents’ trips, nights and spend during Q2 2022, however not to the same extent as was evident for the first quarter of the year. Q3 again showed strong performance, particularly in ROI expenditure in NI (which more than doubled compared to Q3 2019), and ROI to NI performance remained positive in Q4, particularly in trips (growth of over 45%) and spend (growth of over 55%).

Other Tourism NI data supporting this strong performance includes:

  • 16% increase in the number of NI accommodation reviews left by ROI market in 2022 vs 2019.
  • Significant increase in ROI cardholder spend on key tourism-related categories in 2022 vs 2019.

Jan-Dec 2019 tourism performance data released by NISRA relating to overnight trips taken in NI indicate:


Figures relate to overnight trips taken by NI residents and ROI, GB and Other Overseas visitors in NI.

NI welcomed 5.3m visitors, who spent a record breaking £1bn (£76m or 8% more compared with 2018).

Nights increased by 2%, driven by significant increases in ROI nights (+23%), as well as growth from NI (+5%).

The growth in trips in 2019 was largely driven by holidays, as we attracted 322,000 more holiday visitors (+14%) compared with 2018.  The closer to home  markets (NI and ROI) increased by 17%, while holiday visitors from GB and Other Overseas grew by 7%.

Overnight visitors from outside NI exceeded 3m for the first time ever.  Growth was largely driven by the ROI market (+28%).  GB and other overseas trips increased by 1%.

Domestic performance was strong in 2019, with NI residents taking more trips, notably holidays, in NI and spending more.

2019 tourism employee jobs figures show a 9% increase (+6,000) on 2017 to 70,803.

Industry feedback suggested a positive start to 2020, pre-covid.  Accommodation and airport statistics clearly show the devasting impact the pandemic had during the first lockdown, and the reopening period.


NI Tourism Performance Statistics Dashboard

The NI Tourism Performance Statistics Dashboard details annual key performance indicators, accommodation figures, spend statistics and access into NI.

Deeper analysis of consumer demographics and reasons for travel help to better understand our customers, and local government district (LGD) level breakdowns allow for a more comprehensive understanding of tourism performance across NI.

All data is sourced from the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency (NISRA).


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