18 Nov 2021

Sustainability Masterclass

Join us for a webinar on Thursday 18th November at 2pm on the journey to explore the potential for putting Northern Ireland on the sustainable tourism map.

Whether you’re an accomodation provider, tour guide, landowner or someone involved in running outdoor tourist attractions and activities, you experience firsthand the impact we all have on the environment every day.

Today, the world is telling us louder than ever that we have to take action. Businesses everywhere are adopting more green practices and tourism is no exception. Sustainable tourism is something we cannot afford to ignore.

So, with your help, we could all join the journey, setting out to help put Northern Ireland on a more sustainable footing. 

Northern Ireland has it all. Our air, our water, our natural environment and our cultural heritage - all the elements that make for a better quality of life flourish here. Our job is to share them with our visitors in a way that protects those resources for the future. While delivering the best of experiences for everyone.

Dr. Rachel Dodds

Rachel Dodds is a specialist in sustainable/responsible tourism who has been working to make positive changes within the hospitality and tourism industry for over 25 years.


Rachel is both an experienced consultant and researcher who has worked with private business, government and the non-profit sector globally. Past clients include global organizations such as the World Bank/IFC, European Union; NGOs including the WWF, Prince of Wales Business Leaders Forum’s International Hotel Environmental Initiative, as well as destination marketing organizations and business ranging from global events and corporations to SME’s.

Rachel’s experience also includes leading not for profit organizations focusing on climate change/urban sustainability, board membership of sustainable tourism and transportation/research organizations as well as advisory roles (visitor/park management). Rachel was also appointed to assist with Canada’s National strategy on Jobs & the Visitor Economy in 2019.

Dr. Dodds is also a Professor in the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management at Ryerson University where she joined in 2006. Doing teaching, research and consulting has provided her with a rare view of both academic and practical application with a key focus on tactical results.

She has lived and worked on four continents and visited over 80 countries.



Webinar Recording;

If you missed our live webinar of the Sustainability Masterclass, you can view it here.