17 May 2022

To Revenue & Beyond

A seminar on the importance of pricing, profit and personalisation.

Robot pictured standing at virtual reception desk

Are your costs rising and staffing challenges growing?

Why not join us at this tailored event which will look at strategies and tactics to help navigate these difficult times.

The programme will include:

  • The Revenue Revolution – yielding your product, giving value and maximising your customer potential.
  • Introducing a revenue culture.
  • Your rate and pricing strategy for all the operations within your property.
  • The use and value of guest data to improve profitability.
  • Customer engagement and creating a personalised experience.
  • Using automation to maintain guest loyalty.
  • Rising costs – profitability v loyalty.

Featuring some of the leading experts in their fields, this seminar is a chance to discuss what makes a great pricing strategy, ensuring you maximise returns and minimise costs.